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Accountants & Bookkeepers

Mary Smith, Bookkeeping Service

ďI have a regular office, with regular office hours.  But Iím out of the office, visiting clients, as much as Iím at my desk.  The Universal Office keeps me in touch even when Iím out, without my clients having to know several different numbers.  They can call or fax me through just one number, and I donít have to install expensive equipment thatís out of date the day I put it in.

ďEven when Iím out, their calls still come through to me because of the Follow-Me feature.  I can take the call, or ask them to leave a message.  I can even tell them WHY I canít take the call right then, and still have them leave a message, without them having to call back.

ďComplete control, through my phone or the Internet.  Thatís what the Universal Office gives me.Ē

Using it Ė In Depth:

Robert Earl, Accountant

Robert is an accountant who often works from home. He loves the freedom of being at home with his family, but still needs to project a professional image.  With the Universal Office, he has Genie as his personal and PROFESSIONAL assistant whenever his clients call.

"The last thing I want when I work from home is to give out my home number to EVERYONE.  A client calling me at midnight isnít how I want to live.  The power of THE UNIVERSAL OFFICE solved that problem for me. I just set up a schedule as to when calls are allowed to get through to me during the day!"

Robert also loves the fact that he doesn't have to have a separate voice mail system and dedicated fax line to accept faxes. All voice mail, and faxes are sent to his UNIVERSAL OFFICE where Robert can then retrieve them from the Internet.

"Retrieving my voice mail and faxes from the Internet is so helpful. I simply go to Genie online and click to hear messages, or view faxes. Managing my faxes is a snap. I can print them, store them, forward them, or delete them when needed. All from the internet!" says Robert.

The ability to screen and handle multiple calls at the same time is just another way that the Universal Office helps Robert work from home:

"When my phone rings, I pick it up and hear who the caller is, BEFORE I decide to take the call. At the same time, someone else might calling my Universal Office to request one of my fax-on-demand document, like my brief on the new tax requirements.

ďMeanwhile, another client needs to fax me their quarterly sales summary, and that call also goes to my Universal Office.  Genie handles it all while Iím talking to that first client, and pages to tell me that the new fax and voicemail message have arrived.

ďEven while Iím still talking to that first caller, I can swing over to my PC, connect to the Genie Online site and read that fax.  And the instant Iím off that first call, I can listen to the voice message.

"Come Tax Season, we have an even more impressive thing we do for our clients. I learned about the GenieCard when I first set up our Universal Office. It was good enough on its own, but here's how I took it one better, and really upped our competitors. I arranged to have several GenieCard accounts set up in advance. When a customer has us do their taxes and signs up for our 'Jet Refund' program, we used to cut them a check. But now, we activate a GenieCard for them, and transfer the refund anticipation money to the card right there in front of them. They walk out the door with a card they can use to draw money from any ATM, or spend with any business that takes ATM cards - from the gas station to the clothing store at the mall!"

ďGenie is my electronic secretary handling all my phone calls for me." says Robert, ďeven if Iím visiting a clientís office (or taking that much needed vacation after tax time).  The Universal Office is open and ready even when Iím not.  And if itís vitally important, I can still get those messages and faxes anywhere I can find an Internet connection or a phone and a fax.  Hotel Business Center or client office makes no difference.  Genie and the Universal Office can handle it.Ē


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