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R.L. Randall is the senior partner in Randall, Sloane & Bentley a Midwestern law firm with business clients in several major U.S. cities. His work always keeps him on the move. The Universal Office helps him manage his time more effectively and makes his life a little easier when trying to communicate with clients and help them with important business decisions.

"The average person doesn't realize that there's a lot more to running a law practice than grand strategy" says Randall. "Did you ever see Perry Mason pay a filing fee? Ever watch Teddy Hoffman cut an expense check? Of course not, because that's television. I my world - the real world of lawyers and courts and the day to day minutia of the law, there are tons of unexciting details that need to be handled.

"When I found Genie, the Universal Office attendant, I found an 'electronic secretary' to handle all of my calls, and let me know which were the important ones. What I didnít know right away was that I also had hired a financial watchdog.

Along with his Universal Office system, Randall also got a GenieCard for each of his investigators, process servers and all of their staffers. "My first thought was 'Oh great - another useless card to carry around with me.' Was I ever wrong about that!

"You see, in addition to the three partners, we have another four attorneys on staff, along with six full time paralegals, four investigators, two process servers and a couple of part-timers who float in and out. That means keeping track of a lot of petty cash and expenses and all of the paperwork that goes with it. For a long time, we used corporate credit cards and reimbursed people. The problem was that there were always people who waited to turn in their paperwork, and charges got paid outside the grace period. Interest charges were eating them alive!

"Then Bentley pointed out that we could just push cash to the GenieCards for expenses, as it was needed. That way there is no delay in paying anything to the folks in the field and there's no interest adding up because there's no interest. And the monthly accounting is easier for our book-keeper because she just runs the reports straight off the GenieCard web page and reconciles the deposits against her record of cash expenses.

With the Universal Office, Randall has a powerful communications system that screens and forwards his calls, faxes information to clients at the touch of a button, stores messages with the urgent ones first, and provides an affordable, on-the-fly conference call system.


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