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Car Dealers

Evan owns a car dealership in the valley, and like all car dealers, he depends on keeping customer interest high and costs low. He needed a way to get the information about his vehicles to his customers, distribute customer calls fairly among his salesmen, and still keep track of which cars generate the most interest.  Not only that, but he wanted it to be easy and automated, so that he could tie it into his advertising program.

"I was looking for a system that could give my customers all the info they needed without feeling like they might be pressured by one of my salesman." I also wanted to get the most out of my existing salesman who I personally trained over the years, no matter where they are”, says Evan.

When Evan subscribed to the Universal Office, he got more than he expected – in both power and simplicity. Now Evan starts his sales cycle by advertising specials on certain vehicles in the Times during the week. Under each car he lists a 3-digit code and his toll free Universal Office number.  The ad urges customers to call for more info anytime, twenty-four hours a day.

"People see a car that interests them, call our dealership’s toll free Genie Number.  Genie answers and tells them to enter the 3-digit extension to hear more about the specific car they’re interested in.  It sounds very professional, never gives anyone a busy signal, and is always friendly and consistent!

Genie, the Universal Office attendant, plays the announcement describing that advertised car, and then offers to either take a message or connect the caller to one of Evan’s seven salesmen.

If the caller decides to speak with a salesman, Genie then transfers the call to next salesman in rotation.  Genie rotates the calls, one to each salesman, giving everyone an even piece of the trade.

The salesmen, who work on commission, love this program because they all get their fair share of calls. And more important they don’t miss a call – they get the call no matter where they are. Genie first calls them at their desk in the dealership.  If they are out (perhaps demonstrating a car) then Genie calls their cell phone.  Last, if they are not available on the cell phone Genie will call them at home. Finally, if they cannot be reached Genie will take a message so they can return the call.

Evan has even started handling his commission payments through the Genie system. Each salesman has a GenieCard that goes along with his Genie mailbox. When it comes time to dole out the commissions, Evan just sends the money directly from his GenieCard account to the GenieCard accounts of the salesmen who earned it.

Evan loves the system, as much as his salesmen do.  It keeps his sales team always available no matter if they on the floor, on the road or even at home.

In addition, Genie also e-mails a copy of each caller’s message to Evan so that he can make sure that his salesmen are following up on all the calls.  The only thing more frustrating to Evan than wasting money on advertising that generates no interest is generating interest that is not followed up!

The UNIVERSAL OFFICE system is right for any car dealership. Now it’s easy for customers to get info on specific cars on the lot, while the dealership tracks it, and follows up with potential buyers!

Individual car salesmen love the UNIVERSAL OFFICE too, because they get one number for all their sales contacts – present and future.  Today’s new customer easily becomes tomorrow’s repeat buyer.

"The UNIVERSAL OFFICE is streamlined, automated marketing and follow-up power!" says Evan.



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