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Commerce Powered by the Universal OfficeTM

The Universal Office provides a “unique digital identity” and is your passport to a world where the Internet, telecommunications, and electronic banking are seamlessly integrated into one telephone number. With the Universal Office, your telephone can be about much more than messages and contacts. You can actually use the phone - ANY phone - to handle your monetary transactions. And it all happens without additional hardware, software or special equipment.

The Virtual MerchantTM

Just ANY touch-tone phone... That’s all you need to get started selling goods and services electronically, complete with credit card processing and electronic funds access. How? Because the Virtual Merchant is NOT just any commerce solution – It’s part of the Universal Office, the most comprehensive commerce and communication tool in the world. With the Virtual Merchant, you get order taking, credit card processing AND fast access to your cash, anywhere, anytime.

Accepting payment by credit card is a must in today's world. But the costs and problems can be just more expensive then you think! You have to pay for special equipment and phone lines – and many small businesses can't qualify with the bank at all. Even if you do qualify, there are often monthly fees, statement fees, transaction fees and more. What do you do if you don't have a “storefront” operation? And selling by phone! How many people do you hire and pay to wait for calls – One? Ten? Thirty? That’s a prescription for big overhead, fast.

The answer to ALL these problems is simple - use the Virtual Merchant.
The Universal Office Virtual Merchant allows you to accept credit cards anytime anywhere, right over the phone. Not only that, but your CUSTOMER can make the actual purchase by phone, 24 hours a day, whether you’re around or not. How do
you answer a dozen telephone orders at one time? YOU can’t. But the Universal Office will answer and process as many orders as you need, all at the same time, for the same low price, as your order flow demands. You get an email confirming each order, with all the relevant customer data, and a recording of the customer’s actual request – and only AFTER the credit charge has been verified. All YOU do is ship.

Whether you want to sell pre-priced items and services from a phone menu, Fax-on-Demand, or simply use the Virtual Merchant to replace bulky high-priced card terminals, it's fast, and secure.

Activate your Virtual Merchant Account and receive your GenieCard

The GenieCard

Making money with your Universal Office and the Virtual Merchant is wonderful. But it's no great deal if you can't actually get at that money. With the GenieCardTM , there are no worries. You have access to your funds 24 hours a day, every day from almost any ATM around the world. It doesn't matter if your business is in Athens, Georgia and you're in Athens, Greece. Whether you earned your money in Venice, California and are *vacationing in Venice, Italy – it’s no problem. The transfers are electronic and fully documented. With the GenieCard, wherever you are is home for your money.

Collecting your cash is simplicity itself. Just call in to your Universal Office, and transfer your funds to your GenieCard. Faster than you can count a stack of cash, Genie will take as much of your accumulated credit as you want, and transfer it to your GenieCard. And you can withdraw that cash from any of over one million ATM locations worldwide or make purchases at tens of thousand affiliated merchants.

The Virtual Merchant and the GenieCard deliver an unbeatable one-two punch to the problems of modern commerce.

The GenieCard works at any ATM with the following logos.


Activate your Virtual Merchant Account and receive your Genie ATM Card

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The GenieCard is issued by MetaBank. Use of the card is governed by the terms in your Cardholder Agreement. GenieCard Cardholders Agreement

Updated 11/15/2006

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