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Your Mission With Our Technology Will Produce Results
Beyond What Could Be Imagined Today

InfoUSA, a Nevada corporation was created to integrate telecommunications, electronic banking and internet services into one seamless service.

EasyTel Corporate Headquarters

InfoUSA embarked on a mission to design and fully develop a proprietary technology, both hardware and software, which integrates three powerful technologies; Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium as one seamless service.

About EasyTel.Net

EasyTel.Net, incorporated in 1995, distributes the Universal Office, which integrates electronic banking, unified communications, and Internet services on a single platform, running over GenieNet, a global private voice-over-IP network. Genie - the personality of the Universal Office on the phone and online - is used to brand most of the Universal Office service offerings in one way or another.

From New York City to Seattle, from Miami to San Diego, from Houston to Minneapolis, from Boston to Salt Lake City, EasyTel resells Local Service in over five thousand cities and communities, in 139 area codes spanning across 1586 Rate Centers in 29 states and Washington DC, and can be reached by approximately 85% of the population in the United States as a local call.

EasyTel is also provides access to Local Public Access Numbers in Canada, Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Those markets extend the reach of EasyTel's local-access services, bridging the Atlantic to allow customers international access to a single service.

The Mission

1. To concentrate on providing services based on added value, enhanced telecommunications, financial services, and information.

2. To focus on the type of services which can be dispensed through the use of telephones, the internet, VoIP, ATMs, fax machines, and wireless devices.

3. To concentrate in three specific fields:

  • Unified Communications

  • Electronic Banking and E-Commerce

  • The Internet and Information based services

4. To private label all services and products to be marketed, either directly to the end users or indirectly through marketing alliances.

5. To develop services for the local, national and international markets made available to customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a touch-tone telephone, ATMs, VoIP, and the internet.

6. To structure the revenues generated in the form of residual income, transaction or monthly fees as residual income. When possible, these fees would be prepaid or collected via electronic funds transfer and other forms of automated billing.

The Vision

InfoUSA has concentrated on expanding its vision beyond today's norm in two very important ways. The first fundamental principle of the InfoUSA vision is already a working reality, while application of the second is well underway.

First Principle - A Truly Seamless System MUST Operate On A Truly Integrated Platform.

InfoUSA has many competitors supporting some subset of the features we offer. None support our full set of capabilities, and all treat those service combinations as separate functions to be tied together (often with string and bailing wire).

To grasp the inherent superiority of the Universal Office platform, it is crucial to understand the simple fact that it actually IS a unified platform. Rather than grafting a call processing package onto an email function and then tying those to an ATM card system, EasyTel combined all of those functions and more into a single information processing system. The Universal Office moves information not from one system to another, but from one purpose to another within one system.

Because of its unified approach, the Universal Office platform handles transactions more rapidly, at lower costs than its rivals, allows for combinations of services not possible with post-bundled systems, and guarantees that future feature additions will remain as fully integrated as current services.

Second Principle - Integrated Distribution Of Processing Is Vital To Growth And Scalability.

As important as full integration is, it need not - indeed must not - mean that only a single, gargantuan system serves as the locus for all processing. Such an approach would mean that growth cannot proceed past a very short point.

For this reason, InfoUSA is focusing a great deal of attention on the complete integration of Genie's LAMP into the Universal Office platform. Genie's LAMP is far more than just a local connectivity device - it is a fully featured Local Access Message Processor. In the new architecture, the majority of the features now provided through the central host processors of the Universal Office will be handled on a distributed basis by Genie's LAMPs located in customer sites all around the world.

Through tight integration between host and LAMP, messages, transactions, faxes, and all of the other information flows will travel at the best possible speed over the least costly routes. The ability of the LAMP to make direct use of phone lines local to the location where it is installed means that our services can be offered, fully integrated, in vast areas of the world never before even considered for "local" communications services. Using this approach, we can conceivably offer a customer in London England or London Canada the full suite of Universal Office services, with no infrastructure expansion on our part.

InfoUSA Mergers and Acquisitions Policy - All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Grow?

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses find themselves facing a familiar predicament: They've built a solid, profitable business, but it's reached the limits of its growth and the future looks flat. They can't break out of the market they are in, or they can't offer the equity share to attract the new talent they need, or they're too small to swing the financing to build to that next level, and way to small to "go public". Or maybe they've just taken the business as far as they ever wanted to - they're ready to move on to other things, but have not found the right exit strategy.

If this sounds familiar InfoUSA may have a solution.

Take Part in Building the Future

Sound simple? ABC Telecom and XYZ Financial Corp have each been around for a number of years. Just throw them together and you've got it, right? Wrong!

There's a lot more to making one service out of these pieces than just throwing them into a box. No one would toss an engine, wheels and a chassis into a garage and expect them magically to become a high performance race car!

Mergers and Acquisitions

InfoUSA continues to refine and develop technology while expanding market-share through marketing and strategic acquisition. InfoUSA is committed to a process of internal, organic growth - building and growing our own solutions WHERE IT MAKES SENSE. But we also are continuing to build our business through judicious business combinations. We refine and develop technology while expanding through marketing and strategic acquisition. We find the best and most valuable people, companies, ideas and products in our industry, and then bring them into the InfoUSA fold. At the same time, we carefully build the bridges that connect and integrate those acquisitions into one organization.

Corporate combinations: How to make 1 + 1 = 11

Very often, the only things limiting a small company's growth are basic overhead and access to resources. Being part of the InfoUSA family brings economy of scale. Eliminate duplicate overhead and everyone profits. Bring in the ability to fully develop that one "killer application" and the market opens - usually exponentially. That's how we improve technology to secure the future. Build a larger & better team with experience and relationships in more markets. Bake a larger pie for everyone.

A Piece of the Rock

Attracting the talent you need to grow the business further - to develop that great idea, or even to just keep the wheels on - takes something beyond a checkbook. Good people require more then just a salary. They want to participate in the future of the company… to build equity.

Exit Strategy

As a principal in a small business, when the time comes that you want to sell, you must find someone who is interested not simply in investing, but in stepping into your shoes. By contrast, when you have stock in a publicly owned company you can divide it with your partners, family members, or sell the shares on the public market more easily and for better value. You don't have to find your replacement.

We've done it before and we'll do it again.

During the last two years, InfoUSA has successfully completed five acquisitions of emerging companies in our industry. We know the right path to bring the right people and the right companies into the right place at the right time. In short: we get it RIGHT.

What are we looking for?

InfoUSA is always on the lookout for companies and talented people in any of these areas:

  • Answering service companies

  • Cellular and wireless service providers

  • Companies with existing distribution channels

  • Direct marketing companies

  • Email service providers

  • Financial services to the vast "unbanked" community.

  • Money service business

  • Paging companies

  • Prepaid ATM card issuers, providers and/or resellers

  • Prepaid calling cards providers

  • Stored value Gift Card providers

  • Stored value service providers

  • Unified communications providers

  • Voice mail providers

We're interested in acquiring and/or developing a relationship with the best businesses and the brightest people who have what we need, providing what they need to take it to the next level - in a Unified Electronic Banking, Telecommunications and Internet industry.

If you are a Principal in a unified communications, messaging, voice mail or stored-value services company anywhere in North America, and wish to explore the possibility of becoming part of the InfoUSA family, please call or email:

Telephone: 800-850-5500

Email address: CorporateRelations@EasyTel.net

Updated: December 2006

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