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Nisho Tsuji works closely as a consultant with some very large firms. His is not a one-man operation, but with his workload he sometimes feels as if he is. In addition, Nisho spends seventy-five percent of his time working from the offices of his various clients.

Enter Genie – the Universal Office’s virtual assistant – to help Nisho Tsuji more effectively manage his time.

"When I am traveling on business I usually have time to go through some work and make some calls. With Genie, even when my cell phone has no reception I am still in business.  I can use any phone, and I still have my entire suite of communication tools at my fingertips: Voice mail, PhoneBooks, AudioGrams, low cost telephone calls, and the Virtual Conference Room." says Nisho Tsuji.

When Nisho is on the move, Genie helps him stay on top of his messages. The Universal Office pages Nisho whenever a voicemail, fax, or broadcast comes in. The Universal Office even lists the phone number where the message comes from.

"I was in Las Vegas, on the pay phone in the hotel lobby, listening to my messages. I listened to them, and then speed-dialed callers right back to take care of several needed issues.

“One of my favorite features of the Universal Office is the built in calling card. I will never have to carry a phone card with long account and pin numbers again, and I can call anywhere in the United States for as little as two cents for each minute.

“While I was on the phone with my Universal Office, someone called me with an urgent message – but my pager had no reception at that place. It was NO problem: Genie took the message and let me know that I had an urgent page. Without hanging up, I accessed my call return numbers, listened to the name – it was a very important client – and returned the call with a push of just one button. I surprised my client as he had just paged me and did not expect so fast a response.

“Genie allowed me to conduct my business from that payphone just as if I was seated at my desk, with no one the wiser.

“Needless to say my clients have an added feeling of comfort knowing they can reach me immediately or hear back from me soon after, because I use The Universal Office." says Nisho Tsuji.

Because Nisho is in the business of consulting, he frequently refers his clients and associates to the Universal Office system to improve their business and personal communications. “I tell my clients to just call my number and press eight.  Genie tells my referral about her services, and let’s my clients establish their own Universal Office right away, on that very call if they so desire.

That led to something the Nisho hadn't expected - faster and easier payments. Now that several of his biggest customers have adopted Genie for their own use, they've discovered they can pay him his consulting fees more quickly and easily using Genie. When they get an invoice from Nisho (usually by email), they just send the funds directly from their own GenieCard accounts (which came with their Genie Universal Offices) to Nisho's account. What used to take weeks now takes only hours.

"It is no question for me to do so. I am living proof that this system works, helping me every day. I am made to look a hero when I show them what the Universal Office can do for them as well." says Nisho Tsuji.



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