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Corporate Executives

Margaret is the head buyer for a small but growing chain of department stores in Washington and Oregon. She uses the Universal Office as her personal communications system. She spends about half of her time at the office, and the other half in her car traveling from store to store in nearby cities.

"Personal communications for me has also been a challenge. I was relieved when I began using the Universal Office. I work in an area where there are patches of poor mobile phone connectivity and I would lose quite a bit of correspondence when out on the road. Now no matter if I'm on the road or at different store locations I'll always be found. Plus, if I'm not found or not available the Universal Office will handle my voice mail and page me immediately with the callerís phone number letting me know there's a message waiting." says Margaret.

Margaretís Universal Office system keeps her on top of things. Time is money, and Margaret knows it. She can't afford to miss that important call.

Once, while Margaret was on one of her many trips between stores, she got a panicked call from one of her shipping clerks. It seems they had to return some merchandise to a manufacturer, but they were being required to use a shipping company they'd never worked with before. Margaret's company didnít have an account with the shipper, the truck driver was there, wouldn't take anything but cash, and there was no time to get a credit application to the shipping company headquarters.

"It could have been a huge headache, but it wasn't, because of Genie," says Margaret. "I told Gloria [the shipping clerk] to wait a few minutes and I'd get back to her. I hung up and called right back in to my Genie number. Using the GenieCard functions, I quickly put the right amount of money on the GenieCard I'd given Gloria a few weeks before. Then I had Genie connect me to her again. I told her to go across the street to the ATM at the gas station, pull out the cash and pay the driver. 'But GET A RECEIPT!' The whole thing took maybe 5 minutes."

"This was just one example of how the Universal Office helped me conduct time-sensitive business effectively. The ability of the Universal Office to handle my messages, notify me by pager when there are new messages, speed-dial callers back and even handle my cash makes the Universal Office a valuable tool I could never live without. I don't know how I got by without the Universal Office in the past!" says Margaret.


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