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EasyTel Completes Switched Reseller Acquisitions

Encino, CA. (Dec 10, 2002) EasyTel announced today it has completed the acquisition of all partner switches in the EasyTel network. By owning all the switches within the EasyTel network, EasyTel will better be able to respond to local market dynamics and control the infrastructure upon which it's network traffic flows.

The centralization of ownership on all switches in the EasyTel network places greater control and manageability in the hands of EasyTel. With final acquisition of the switches previously owned by Pacific Telcom, EasyTel completes a process started many months ago.

"This final acquisition of Pacific Telcom's share of network and switching facilities in Seattle, Washington, Portland Oregon, San Francisco & Sacramento California, Denver Colorado and Chicago Illinois completes a process of acquiring 100% interest in all of our switched facilities. Our recent acquisitions from M&M Communications, Axon Communications, CTC Telecom and Tiburon Communications means we now have complete control of our entire switched network. We are confident this will improve our level of reliability and service to our customers", said Randall Skala, President of EasyTel. "This acquisition gives us complete operational control over one of the largest national footprints in our industry.  EasyTel is now in position to provide Genie as a local service in twenty-six states and Washington DC, reaching approximately 75% of the United States urban population, as well as toll-free service nationwide and Canada.."

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