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The Universal Office offers a complete solution for your large business. Whether your organization is 100 strong or 100,000 strong, we can tailor a customized Enterprise solution for you. Our world-class network has the reliability and leading edge extensible architecture you need to extend your reach across the nation or around the globe.

With localized coverage across nearly 80% of the United States and coverage that extends around the globe, we can give your organization the presence you need to create a compelling competitive advantage. We have a wide variety of services that allow your stationary and mobile professionals to ease the burden of telecommunications while lowering your overall cost of services.

Features and Benefits

If you have a large business or organization that has communication requirements, we can help! We can design a custom solution to meet your specific needs. We can provide services to large telecommunications companies as a private branded service. Contact us for more details.



Features and Benefits

Group Communications

Your people are more than a collection of folks who just happen to have the same name on their business cards.  They are part of an organization and that organization has a structure.  The Universal Office is uniquely designed to be able to understand and work with that structure, whatever it is.  Whether yours is a loose organization built on network marketing, or a tightly knit hierarchy built on departments and workgroups, the Universal Office can help you build and maintain the structure you need, with group features that let you communicate up, down, across and around the chain as needed.

Local Coverage

If you do business today, you do business in many locations. Whether you have a single office, a headquarters and branches, or a diffuse web of independents, you still have customers, employees and contacts in all sorts of places.  EasyTel has one of the largest coverage footprints in the industry, with local service in over 3000 communities, reaching over 80% of the US metropolitan population.  But more than just “points of presence”, those local service areas are tied into a single, coherent network structure that gives you multiple entry points into a SINGLE phone system.  Whether you need local number is New York, Los Angeles, Seattle or Tampa – or almost anywhere in between – those local numbers all tie in to the SAME Universal Office system.  That gives you nationwide reach at local costs.

Conference Calling

You do talk to each other?  You do talk to customers?  You do need to do this rather often, and usually on short notice?  We thought so.

You do like struggling to set up these conferences with officious and impersonal drones? You do love to pay high prices for this ability? We thought not. 

The Universal Office has some of the most cost effective and easy-to-use conference features in the world.  Set up conference calls on the fly with standard facilities that handle up to ten callers at a time.  Or build special purpose conference rooms as large as you need.

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Long Distance

The Universal Office will help corral and break your long distance bill with rates as low as 2 ¢ per minute in the U.S.  And those rates apply to both inbound toll-free calling TO you business and to all your outbound calling, including call transfers (“follow me”), notifications and more.

International Calling

Business doesn’t stop at the borders, and neither do your communication needs.  That’s why EasyTel offers some of the lowest rates available for International calling.  But low rates aren’t enough, so the Universal Office has a unique “call back” feature that allows you to make calls FROM OVERSEAS at rates that reflect calls made FROM the US!

Fax Services

Don’t keep growing a huge farm of fax machines in every office.  Instead, let the Universal Office handle your faxes, right over the same numbers you use for voice communications, OR with separate numbers at YOUR discretion.  Integrate those faxes with your email system to take full advantage of your existing printers and of course your electronic archiving practices.

And outbound faxing is just as easy and flexible, with the Universal Office’s unique Fax-o-Grams.  Use faxes as never before to communicate to your employees, customers and prospects, WITHOUT descending into the hated netherworld of “Spam” faxing.

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Low Cost Implementation

No equipment to buy or lease.  No equipment to buy or lease.  No equipment to buy or lease.  (Yes, we meant to say that three times –it’s that important.)  Your customized business solution is built on OUR equipment in OUR offices using the existing building blocks of the Universal Office hardware and software platform.  And because we developed these building blocks and fully control the technology, we know them inside and out – literally.  That means that YOU pay low costs for quick results with reliable implementation, not fund some start-up’s “research and development” to see if they might be able to fill your need.

Zero Maintenance

Other solutions require you to invest heavily in premises equipment that sits in your communications closet, grows obsolete an hour after it’s installed, and continues to swallow time, money and resources for maintenance every day you have it.  Not the Universal Office!  With the Universal Office, there is NO premises equipment to buy or lease, no maintenance to coordinate and no worry of obsolescence.  All equipment is in our offices, maintained by our technicians and constantly updated to be the most modern, reliable and flexible solution possible.

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