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Home Health Care

Roberta is a registered nurse providing skilled nursing care to people who are homebound with injuries or illness. As part of the care she gives, she often takes up residence in the patientís home, helping them until they are recovered enough to take better care of themselves. Her patients vary from week to week and even from day to day, so she is never quite certain where she will be at any given time.

ďIt used to be that Iíd have to leave all sorts of details with the agency and with my husband how to get hold of me. And any change put just everything up in the air. But with my Universal Office, thatís no problem anymore.

ďNow, I just set the call follow-me the way I want it, and people can get hold of me as easy as anything. I know right away on a new job if my cell phone works at that house, and if not I can send my calls to the house line there. I can even set the time of day, so late night calls donít bother my patient.

ďThe folks at the agency love knowing they can get me so easy, so I usually get bumped to the top of the list on new patients. And Carl - thatís my husband - has even figured out this Internet thing, so heís showing me how easy it is to keep messages in my email. Thatís really important for when doctors call and leave me special orders. Now Iíve got a record of exactly what the doctor or the pharmacist said, so thereís no mistakes.

"Payday's a lot easier too. Now the Agency just sends my paychecks directly to my GenieCard, so I don't have to mess with getting a check to the bank. And if I work for a patient that didnít come through the Agency, they can pay me direct by credit card, or if they do give me a check I can just walk it into any branch of Bank of America and it goes straight into my Genie account.

ďSometimes, when thereís nothing to do but watch and wait, Iíll use my Genie number to call my sister out West. It doesnít go on the patientís phone bill, and it doesnít cost ME a whole bunch, like my phone company card used to.

ďGenie and my Universal Office take care of me, so I can take care of my patients.


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