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Investment Bankers

Sam is the chairman of an east coast investment-banking firm with clients in several major U.S. cities. His job always keeps him on the move. The Universal Office helps him manage his time more effectively and makes his life a little easier when trying to communicate and close deals with clients while he is traveling.

"As our firm continues to grow, many of us need to go on the road more often. Living from airport to airport puts a strain on communicating with our clients. Simple voice mail just won't cut it anymore!" says Sam.

What Sam needed was an “electronic secretary” to handle all of his calls, and let him know which were the important ones. That's when he found Genie, the Universal Office auto attendant.

"I remember on a recent business trip. I had two separate transactions that were ready to close. Suddenly an emergency popped up and I absolutely needed to be on the next flight to San Francisco.

“I knew that now, with my Universal Office, I would be available for everyone no matter what happened. Sure enough on my way to the airport, Genie finds me in my car and screens then connects a very important call.

“One of my clients needed an application agreement, to make a final decision by 11PM. I knew I had that document stored in my Universal Office fax on demand. I simply pressed a few buttons and forwarded it to my client in moments, right from my car.

“Genie really saved a big-potential deal.

“Just as I was getting on the plane, my pager went off. It was Genie telling me I had two messages - one marked ‘URGENT’. Once the plane was in the air, I called my Universal Office using the air phone and listened to the URGENT message first.

“One of my other clients needed to get me on the phone with six of his directors that afternoon before they left town for the weekend.

“With a simple touch of a button I speed dialed my client right back. Since Genie had captured his number when he called, it was easy. I didn’t even need to write it down!

“Once we connected, I invited my client and his six directors to my Virtual Conference Room to address the remaining issues of the transaction. We handled the situation and closed the deal.

“Since my flight would be several hours and I wouldn’t reach San Francisco until after business hours, I decided to take advantage of the time to contact about twenty high net-worth investors who had expressed interest in this deal. I connected to my Universal Office again and accessed the PhoneBook I had created earlier, with the numbers of those twenty investors. With one call, I sent each of them a message updating them on the deal, asking them to let me know if they were still interested, and asking for the best number to call them at when I arrived in San Francisco. By the time I got to San Francisco four of the twenty investors replied indicating that they would like to hear from me.

“I relaxed the rest of the flight knowing that the Universal Office helped me handle a sticky situation and close a great deal at 36,000 feet. Genie let me do an on-the-fly conference call that was REALLY ‘on-the-fly’,” said Sam.

“One thing that might surprise you is how I use Genie to handle money," says Sam. "Just because I'm an investment 'banker', don't think that I'm madly in love with traditional banks. Sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not.

"Along with my Universal Office I got a GenieCard, which lets me handle petty cash expenses on a cash basis when whipping out the old green charge card does not work. In fact, I found out pretty quickly how easy it was, so I got a second GenieCard for my son who is attending college in Boston. Now I can send him money from any touch tone telephone when he needs help, any time, even at night or on weekends.

With the Universal Office, Sam has a powerful communications system that screens and forwards his calls, faxes information to clients at the touch of a button, stores messages with the urgent ones first, and provides an affordable, on-the-fly conference call system.


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