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EasyTel eliminates long distance charges on phone conferencing in four regions of the U.S.

EasyTel has leveraged the power of its nationwide service and distributed network to deliver conferencing services with no long distance telephone charges to every Genie subscriber within 4 regions of the country.

Las Vegas, NevadaMay 30, 2003 – EasyTel announced today a significant milestone in the development of its nationally networked architecture. By integrating switches within regions, EasyTel eliminates the long-distance charges normally affixed by other networks. “We have completed a major milestone in our efforts to deliver a nationwide network powered by a complete suite of services especially designed for unified personal communications.” says Randall Skala, President of EasyTel.

EasyTel now delivers seamless communication over the vast majority of populace in the United States. The regions consist of the following;

Western Region, Eight states consisting of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Texas;

Central-Midwestern Region Five states consisting of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee and Kentucky;

Eastern Region Eight states consisting of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC;

South-Eastern Region - Four states consisting of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida

“This puts us well on the way toward completing our plan to deliver a nationwide conferencing network by the end of the year. Our next step is to integrate these regions on a national basis. Once completed, we will have our own national telecommunications "cloud" delivering secure and effective unified communication services across the nation.”

Genie Message
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Network Map (Regions are shaded)

About EasyTel
EasyTel provides The Universal Office platform for thousands of small and large business owners and professionals across the United States. The Universal Office is an individually programmable “portal” that gives its owner a unique and life-long “digital identity”. It integrates and harnesses the power of multiple communication media, providing global communications and connectivity, as well as access to personal and centralized databases. Combined with Virtual Merchant functionality, the Universal Office ultimately provides the average citizen with the ability to “digitally manage” their life from any touchtone phone.


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