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October 15, 2004

InfoUSA Acquires DialTel Corporation

InfoUSA announced today that it has finalized the acquisition of DialTel Corporation a national distributor of prepaid calling cards and other telecommunication services.

InfoUSA, a Nevada based corporation, announced today that it has completed all the steps in its acquisition of California based DialTel, a leading distributor of prepaid telephone calling-cards. The acquisition was actually made before the end of InfoUSA's fiscal 2003 (March 31, 2004), but the formal announcement was delayed pending the completion of the contingencies in the agreement.

"This is a tremendous win-win for both InfoUSA and DialTel," said InfoUSA's CEO, Thomas Skala. "DialTel's existing network of some 2,500 distributors, and its base of over 10 million cards issued is going to dovetail beautifully with our EasyTel subsidiary's nationwide private calling network, (GenieNet), and the Genie Bancor stored value ATM card."

Ron Hay, a seasoned veteran in the telecommunications industry, will continue to serve as president of DialTel, and will join the InfoUSA Management Team as a Vice President. "I couldn't be more excited about the joining of DialTel with InfoUSA. Together, we're going to take calling cards to places they have never been before."

Hay was referring in part to a new product to be introduced by InfoUSA subsidiary EasyTel.Net, Called the Genie ContinentalCard, the product combines traditional calling cards with a private telephone number for each cardholder, FollowMe calls, voicemail, and electronic banking services such as ATM access to cash anytime, worldwide. Unlike traditional calling cards, which can only be used to make calls, Genie Continental Cardholders will be able to both make calls and receive calls.

"This new product will drive us into the realm of customer brand-loyalty, not something traditionally found in calling-card purchasers," explained Hay. "Features like nationwide access to local phone service and reload able balances at any branch of Bank of America or Wells Fargo Bank will give customers a reason to keep the same card over time."

Skala continued, "The existing network of distributors and huge base of distributed cards that DialTel brings to the table gives us an immediate opening to move the ContinentalCard into the marketplace more quickly than we could have imagined."

About InfoUSA
In 1994, InfoUSA embarked on a mission to design and fully develop a proprietary soft switch technology, both hardware and software, which integrates three powerful technologies; Telecommunications, the world's most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world's most powerful information medium as one seamless service. InfoUSA has four main subsidiaries, EasyTel.net, Genie Bancor, DialTel, and the Universal Office Corporation.

About DialTel
DialTel is a leading distributor of prepaid telephone calling-cards and has already sold over ten million pre-paid calling cards for International use and is developing plans to sell a new card combining stored value ATM / calling cards to the same market place. Recent and planned additions to the DialTel suite include international monetary services, major-bank branch reloading services, and local unified communications services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico on.

About EasyTel.Net
EayTel.Net integrated InfoUSA's electronic banking services with its own unified communications platform: The Universal Office, EasyTel's proprietary soft switch, runs on GenieNet, a nation-wide private voice-over-IP network, (GenieNet).

In all it's variations from simple consumer products such as prepaid VoiceFaxEmail.com to complex, multi-site business services, the Universal Office provides locally served communications and electronic banking services with national reach to over 80% of the US Population Centers.

About Genie Bancor.com
Genie Bancor.Com, integrated InfoUSA's unified communications services with its own electronic banking platform: GenieBank.

Genie Bancor currently provides GenieBank ATM Cards which are usable worldwide at any ATM connected to the Cirrus, Interlink, Star, and the NYCE networks. Cardholders may deposit additional funds to their GenieBank ATM Cards at any branch of Bank of America in the USA


For more information about the Virtual Merchant and GenieBank, Click Here


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