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Personal Communications AND Finance – TOGETHER

 Your Personal needs are… well... personal. That doesn’t mean small or insignificant – OR simple.  You’re doing a thousand different things  every day, from basketball to business, all of which revolve around communication, information or money – often ALL THREE.  To be worthwhile, communications must adjust to your lifestyle and individual requirements. The big telephone company’s “solutions” offer little chance to select and customize your features and in the end, don’t present real value. Banks want to charge you for every paperclip they use.  And just try getting things to work together.

Well, EasyTel has already DONE it!  Now, you can have ONE system that puts all your communications AND finances in one place, at your fingertips any hour of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

EasyTel’s Personal Office service is designed to meet the needs of today's busy family and single lifestyles. No more trying to manage multiple cell phones, email addresses, home phones, kid's line, home fax lines, business lines, and more. Simplify your life with Genie!

With the Personal Office you can easily manage ALL of your residential communications and finances the way you want. All at a cost much cheaper than you would imagine. Take a look at some of the features and benefits of the Personal Office.

Personal Office Features and Benefits

Start enjoying the benefits of the Universal Office today! Sign up now or contact one of our Support Representatives to learn more.




Your Personal Genie

Genie is the unique personality of the Universal Office.  Genie is there, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to handle all your communication needs.  Genie is unlike automated, mechanical voice systems.  In fact, the only way to understand what Genie is to give her a call.  Give Genie a call toll-free anytime at 888-541-4040.

Multiple Lines

Call waiting is nice, but what happens to that call you can’t take because you’re on a more important call already?  (Or you can’t get the kid off the phone fast enough.)  With the Universal Office, that’s never a problem, because Genie will answer the calls you can’t take. 

Integrated Voice Mail

You can access your Universal Office voice-mail box from anywhere. Simply dial your number from any touch-tone phone, and then enter your password. Your messages are instantly available.  Or if you prefer, you can check messages over the Internet.  Just use a web browser to log on to GenieMail, and you’re in.

Call Follow Me

Whether you are at home, the office, out on the town, or traveling across the country, your calls can follow you wherever you go.  The people who need to reach you won’t need to keep a list of numbers to try – they just call your Universal Office number, and Genie will find you – because you’ve told her where to call.  No more, “Oh, I forgot the number,” from family or friends who try to be nice and help people find you.  Genie never forgets.  Don’t want to be found?  That’s fine too.  Genie will screen your callers, so that you know who’s on the line BEFORE you tell Genie whether you’ll take the call.

Message Notification

Any time Genie takes a message for you, she can let you know right away – or tell you later.  The choice is up to you with the Message Notification feature.  Whenever and wherever you choose, Genie can call you (or page you) to let you know that you have messages waiting.  When you collect your messages, either over the phone OR over the web, you’ll know who called and when.  Genie can even ask for their call-back number (Do you have any idea how many people leave messages but forget to leave their number?)

Fax Line

Would you like to be able to receive faxes without installing a separate line? With the Universal Office, your fax number is the same as your telephone number. No more separate numbers. All your callers need to remember is one number! Faxes are immediately recognized and handled separately from voice calls.  The fax can then be stored for later pickup, routed directly to Email for later viewing or routed to a fax machine at whatever location you choose. Control your faxes and lower your costs with the Universal Office.

Virtual Merchant & GenieCard

Now your finances are tied directly into your communications system, with the Virtual Merchant and the GenieCard.  Whether you want to up the sales at your next yard sale, or need to get reimbursed by your brother-in-law, the Virtual Merchant makes it possible for YOU to accept credit card payments, WITHOUT having to buy or lease expensive equipment or make complicated banking arrangements.  It all happens over the telephone, and your OR the person paying you can do it, anytime, form any touch-tone phone in the world.

Along with the Virtual Merchant, you also get a GenieCard, usable at virtually any ATM around the globe.  Your GenieCard account lets you draw money from any ATM, make purchases at any merchant who accepts ATM cards, accept direct deposits (such as your payroll check) and more.

There’s even a Companion GenieCard, for that special someone far away.  Whether you have a child away at school or a relative overseas, you can send them money through the Companion GenieCard, anytime you wish, with NO transfer or wire fees from Genie, and at the best possible conversion rates.  Why pay for those expensive Money Grams for the privilege of getting your money to your loved ones?

The GenieCard works at any ATM with the following logo's.


Low Long Distance Rates

Call ANYWHERE in the United States for $.08 cents per minute! You can even call Alaska, Hawaii or the US Virgin Islands for that same price. Simply dial your local Universal Office number FROM ANY TOUCH TONE PHONE.  Enter your password code, select “Place a Call” from the menu, and you’re off and calling. No cards to carry – no complicated dial-around.  There are even special rates for international calls. 

The Family Plan

You can easily add family members to your Personal Office system for only $5 per month.  Each additional family member gets his or her own individual Genie number, in any city we serve.  Members of your Family Plan can all be in one city or spread across the country, so it’s perfect for extended families or kids away at school. Stay in touch with faxes or messages between family members AT NO CHARGE.

Simplified Billing

Have you ever looked closely at your telephone bill? There’s a myriad of strange looking charges that can quickly add up to a small fortune every month. Local access charges, special line charges and taxes, taxes, taxes! With the Universal Office, it's simple. You have one monthly bill that clearly shows your monthly fee and any usage fees. Your billing statement is e-mailed to you monthly or is available online anytime you wish. You can request the detailed bill for any period you want, not just what the “phone company” decides you should see. And the best part? It's easy to understand.


When the day comes that you decide you need more than the Personal Office (like when you’ve talked to other Universal Office users about their systems) you can always upgrade to higher service levels, WITH NO DISRUPTION.  You won’t need to change numbers, or learn complicated new procedures.  The system will just GROW with you.


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