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Sam is away from home for the first time, attending college.  ďItís great to be on my own, without Mom and Dad tapping on my door twice a night, asking if Iíve done my homework.  But I do miss them sometimes, and Becky Ė thatís my sister Ė went off to college two years ago.

ďSo having our Genie system is great.  I can call and talk to my folks, or to Becky without having to worry about spending a whole lot.  You see, we each have our own Universal Office number thatís local where we are Ė me here, Mom and Dad at home and Becky at her school.  I just call my number and send a message or get connected to Mom, Dad or Beck, no problem.  And if Iím stuck out somewhere like at a payphone with no money, thereís our toll-free number I can call.

ďMoney Ė yeah that can be a problem sometimes, what with books, and meals, and laundry and that stuff.  Thatís another thing Genieís good for.  I have my own GenieCard, and Mom or Dad can send me money when I need it.  You know how your parents are always telling you how tough things were when THEY were kids?  My Dad was trying to tell me that, when he was in school, Grandpa had to actually MAIL a check to him Ė took DAYS to get there, and deposit and wait for the bank to let you have the money.  Genie does it in seconds, and the moneyís right there.

ďBut donít get the idea that Iím always asking my folks for money.  Iím not.  In fact, Iíve got TWO part-time jobs right now, and Genie helps with THAT too.  Iím helping out as a student aide in the Philosophy department, and Iím working at breakfast in the dorm cafeteria.  And both paychecks go straight to my GenieCard account.  While other kids are waiting in line at the bank, I just check the Genie dot US website and see that my moneyís already there.

ďI havenít told Mom and Dad yet, though.  I want to see if they get worried when I donít ask for money at the end of this month.  At least not as much.Ē




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