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Kevin is the ďfix itĒ guy when it comes to appliances in your home.  ďFrom air conditioners to automatic dishwashers, from toasters to trash compactors, if itís a household appliance and itís broken down, Iím the guy to call.

ďThe only problem is, two thirds of the time, I canít answer!  Iíve got my head stuck inside a broken clothes-dryer, or my hands are full of microwave oven parts.  Iím a one-man operation, and I canít afford a full time person to answer those calls Ė but I canít afford to miss them either.

ďThatís why I got Genie.  Now, she answers the calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I get calls right to me when I can take them, and I get messages when I canít.  I generally listen to my messages during the day, but I also like to have them sent to my email.  That way I can save them on my PC, and keep them right along with my customer records.

ďThe Virtual Merchant also solved a big problem for me Ė credit cards.  Now I can take payment by credit card.  I couldnít do that before, because Iím too small a business.  The bank wouldnít approve me, and the services I checked out wanted way too much for the few transactions I needed to do.  But now I donít even have to wait Ė I can process the charge right there in the customerís home, over the phone.  And itís fast, too.  I donít have any of the long turn-around times Iíve heard my buddies complain about.

ďWhen I need to access that money, I just shove it from the Virtual Merchant account over to my GenieCard, and use any ATM.  I can get cash that way, or I can use the card to buy parts and supplies at anyplace that uses ATM cards.

ďIím learning more about Genie and what she can do for me every day.  I know thereís tons of things I havenít used yet, but itís only getting better.  Genie was the ďfix itĒ gal I needed to call.




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