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Genie ATM Card

The unique GenieCard is the most commanding card you can carry without having to be on the Forbes 500 list. Combining the best features of an ATM Card, a telephone Calling Card and an E-Commerce platform, the GenieCard is a true "Triple Threat" for the new century.

With its powerful one-of-a-kind features, the GenieCard is the perfect choice for everyone, from people on the move (or between jobs) to business entrepreneurs just starting out, to seasoned professionals.

The Perfect Financial Solution

The power of financial freedom is yours with a GenieCard. More than just an ATM card, the GenieCard brings you the utility of a telephone calling card, the power of international card-to-card transfer, the flexibility of a merchant account and the easy access of an ATM card in a single package.

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The Perfect Calling Solution

Even with all its unique monetary features, the GenieCard still brings you the unparalleled usefulness of a calling card like no other in the world. You won't believe how limited the calling cards you've used before really are, until you check out the incredible features of the GenieCard.

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The Perfect E-Commerce Solution

Whether you're a new, small business operator just starting out, or a merchant of long standing in your community, the GenieCard can combine with the Virtual Merchant service to bring you into the modern world of E-Commerce at a lower cost and with more features than any other system.

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The GenieCard is issued by MetaBank. Use of the card is governed by the terms in your Cardholder Agreement. GenieCard Cardholders Agreement

Updated 11/14/2006

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