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15 Reasons Why You Need a GenieCard for Calling Services

Low Rates that are Really Low While others are busy raising rates, EasyTel has repeatedly LOWERED rates. And if that's not enough, the rates we quote are the rates you PAY: There are no hidden "setup" charges on each call, or other sneaky ways to make that 2 minute call cost you $3.

Dollars, Not Minutes

Unlike most calling cards, the value of your GenieCard is stored as an actual dollar amount, not an arbitrary number of minutes. You can't lose value just because someone changed a rate.

Federally Protected

Your GenieCard account is like an individual account managed the same way as any traditional checking accounts at any bank in the United States. You can't lose!

Yours and ONLY Yours

Most calling cards are backed by nothing more than a "pooled" account, in other words, all the balances are maintained in one master account. If one cardholder manages to commit fraud, then YOU could lose the value of YOUR card. NOT WITH THE EASYTEL PHONE CARD! Your phone-card account is completely separate from any other accounts, so nothing someone else does can ever hurt your card's value.

Add Cash at any Time

You can add dollars to your GenieCard any time you want, any way you want. Use a credit card, mail a check, or print out a deposit slip on your computer from the Internet and walk into any branch of a participating bank.

Make and Receive Calls

Every calling card on the market lets you make calls. Only the GenieCard lets you RECEIVE calls. Your GenieCard has its own unique, direct phone number at which people can call you at any time. No codes for them to enter and no surly operator to deal with.

Forward Your Calls

When you receive a call on your GenieCard number, "Genie" can transfer that call to you at any number you wish.

Take Messages

If you can't take a call - or just don't want to right then - Genie will take a message for you, and play it for you later, whenever you want.

Take Faxes

Genie can even take faxes for you on your Genie Number. You can send those faxes to any fax machine you like, or read them on the Internet with no fax machine needed.

Use it to reach the Whole World

Make calls TO anywhere in the world - at come of the lowest International rates in the business!

Use it World-Wide

Make and receive calls FROM other countries - at those same low rates! Genie's unique "Call Back" feature let's Genie call YOU, so you only pay the rate FROM the US to wherever you are in the world. Your friends and family can access your Genie Number free of charge from many U.S. and international locations by calling a Local Public Access Number.

You Get Email

Along with your own Genie Number, you get an email address to use however you want.

Internet Access

Check your messages, read your faxes, or manage any part of your account from any web-browser equipped PC, anywhere in the world.

Save your messages or faxes indefinitely

If you like, you can save your messages or faxes indefinitely on the hard drive of your computer.

Change Settings Any Time

You have full control over the settings on your EasyTel number, whenever and wherever you want. Call in to your EasyTel number or log in through the Internet, and change what you need in only seconds. Forward calls to a new number, change how messages are taken, or alter any of the other settings you want.

The GenieCard works at any ATM with the following logos.


Activate your Virtual Merchant Account and receive your Genie ATM Card

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The GenieCard is issued by MetaBank. Use of the card is governed by the terms in your Cardholder Agreement. GenieCard Cardholders Agreement

Updated 11/15/2006

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