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Trial Sign Up Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this change my current local or long distance phone service?
No. Your current phone services stay exactly the same. Through our FollowMe Service, you can have your Executive Office or your Personal Office Genie Numbers forwarded to your Home, Office or cell.

Q: Is there an Activation or Setup Fee?
Yes. While other companies charge $25-$150 to activate or set up, we thought it important to make the service as low priced as possible. The one-time activation fee for an Executive Office is $25 and the one-time activation fee for a Personal Office is $10.

Q: What happens after the $1.00 (30 day) Trial?
Nothing changes with your service. Depending on which type of Universal Office you selected you will be charged the corresponding one-time activation fee and your first monthly fee. FollowMe and outbound telephone calls nationwide for the Executive Office are a flat rate of two cents per minute and for the Personal Office eight cents per minute. There are no hidden costs or gimmicks. You can cancel the service anytime you want without any penalty. You only get charged when you are using the system.

Q: Is there a one-year contract or penalty for canceling?
No. You are simply on a month to month basis. You can cancel anytime, any month you want and not be penalized.

Q: What happens after I press the ‘submit’ button to enter my credit card?
Within seconds we will send you to a confirmation page where we issue you your own Toll Free Genie Number and your password. This page will also provide you instructions on how to start using your Universal Office. You will be sent a detailed email with all of your information, including additional detailed instructions on how to use your Universal Office (complete Table of Content describing all of its features). You get 100 free minutes and are only charged $1.00. It's as simple as 1,2,3…

Q: With so many features is it hard to setup or use?
The setup process takes approximately 3-5 minutes. When you first call your Toll Free Genie Number, we will walk you through a short and easy to use Setup Process. During this Setup Process we guide you to you record your name or business name; show you how to use and help you set up your Follow Me numbers (numbers you would like the system to call you on) and allow you to select a Local Number from over 3,000 cities and communities we cover in the United States.

Q: What are the benefits to International customers?
We provide International customers with the ability to have a presence in the U.S. with their own Toll Free and domestic local U.S. phone numbers. This allows U.S. customers the ability to leave phone messages and send faxes internationally to you, without having to pay international rates. These phone messages and faxes get emailed, or can be received online, thus saving tons of money as well!

Q: What are the benefits of a Toll Free and Local Number?
The Toll Free number is great for people calling you because it is Toll Free for them, and you incur a discount per-minute charge of two cents a minute with the Executive Office or eight cents per minute with the Personal Office. On the Local Number there are no charges to you when people call to leave you a Voice Mail, send you a Fax or process a credit card transaction through the Virtual Merchant. There also are no charges on the Local Number when you call to check your messages, retrieve your faxes or manage your account. You get one Toll Free number and we allow you to select a Local Genie Number from over 3,000 cities and communities we cover in the United States. Pick one in any city that benefits you the most!

Q: How does the Virtual Merchant Account work?
This is truly one of our most amazing features we offer. The Virtual Merchant Account comes included with either Universal Office (No additional monthly fees), allowing you to accept credit cards from customers over the phone. This is a $20-$80 value to you for no additional charge! With the Virtual Merchant Account, you can process credit cards from customers within minutes after you set up your Virtual Merchant; and we provide Third Party Verification and Settlement. We process your customer's credit cards for you real-time and immediately deposit the money into your GenieCard Account! Your GenieCard account comes with your own ATM card allowing you to access your cash instantly at millions of ATM locations around the world.

Q: How can you offer so many services for such a low price?
A: We are able to offer these incredible cost effective and easy to use tools of the Universal Office due to our large investments into our unique technology platform, along with our expertise and knowledge of communications and financial services. Over the last ten year, it has been our mission to bring together Telecommunications, Electronic Banking and the Internet, providing our customers with the best tools to succeed in this fast paced world!


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