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Home Service Professional

“Carpets, carpets and more carpets. That’s all I see all day long,” says Glen Bruner, owner-operator of the “Sweeping Success” carpet cleaning business. “Morning till night it’s nothing but vacuum, shampoo, steam and vacuum.”

“My clients like me and they know I always do the best job possible, so I get a lot of call-backs. Most are from businesses, but I have some real good regulars in the home trade too – five poodles will do that,” Glen says with a wide grin.

“The big thing is, that right now I’m so busy it’s hard to keep up with all the calls. I mean, I’d give my cell phone number to people, but half the time I’m where the thing won’t pick up, or I can’t hear anyone over the vacuum anyway. I thought about hiring a receptionist, but I’m raising two teenagers on my own, and I need every penny.

“That’s when I found Genie. Genie answers all my calls now, and I know they’re getting answered right. One thing I really like is being able to tell people stuff like ‘I can’t talk right now Mrs. Simmons, but leave me a message and I’ll call you back in about a half hour’. Then I know that Genie’ll take the message, and I can handle the latest poodle puddle when I’m done.

“Genie also fixed another big problem for me – getting paid. Lot’s of my customers wanted to pay me with credit cards, but I couldn’t afford one of those machines. Now I just use Genie’s Virtual Merchant thing, and the charges go straight through – no problem.

“I mentioned the teenagers too, right? Well, I got each of them a Genie number too, on that Family Plan they have. They can get hold of me and I can get hold of them real easy. They even got their own GenieCards. So I can just put money on their cards when they need some schoolbooks or supplies. The oldest is going off to college soon, and that Genie number will go with her – along with a bunch more of my money I guess.

“But that’s why I’m doing this – so they can have better. And Genie really helps.”



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