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Case Study - Network Marketing Professionals

Bill W., Network Marketer
“There are three things in the Universal Office that I can’t live without: Phonebooks, phonebooks and phonebooks.

“I urge every one of my downline members to use the Universal Office. That way, they’re AUTOMATICALLY in my Genie Phonebook. And then I can use that phonebook to keep them pumped with AudioGrams or Fax-o-Grams. “I’m not in marketing, I’m in NETWORK marketing, and the Universal Office, Genie and those Phonebooks ARE my network.”

Using it – In Depth:
Scott has been in network marketing for almost six years. The first thing about the Universal Office that caught his attention was Genie, the Universal Office auto attendant. “Genie handles my incoming calls, finds me when I’m away from my office, take messages for me when I’m tied up, and handles all my faxes anytime, “ Scott explained. “But Genie does it with STYLE, and that’s incredibly important in a business where motivation is everything.”

“I also depend on the Universal Office for phone conferencing on-demand, and even more for AudioGrams. When I can have a conference call anytime, with no setup, I can quickly and easily train my new recruits. And AudioGrams let me stay in touch with my entire downline every day.

"I have never seen such a dynamic service such as the Universal Office for use in our industry. I simply cannot imagine life without Genie! I don't know how I got by without her in the past or how people do without the Universal Office in networking today!" says Scott.

Scott uses the Universal Office to accept and screen his prospect calls, delivering them wherever he happens to be. Even though he has only one telephone line at home; Scott never has to worry about prospects getting a busy signal when they call in on his advertising. And he relies on the Universal Office to automatically give out information by audio recording or fax.

"I just love the way the Universal Office handles the workload. Prospects see my ads, then call my Universal Office, press a button to listen to my audio presentation, then press another button and the Universal Office faxes them information. When they call back, Genie screens the call, and forwards it to me wherever I choose!"

“Tracking and follow-up are a breeze, too,” says Scott. “The Universal Office generates a report listing the time and date a prospect called in; what their phone number is, what fax file they requested, and what fax number it was sent to! I can get that report by fax or by Internet.”

"The GenieCard services are magical too," Scott enthuses. "The whole point of network marketing is sales and commissions. With the Virtual Merchant, I can do credit card sales easier than ever before. I don't have to lug a big machine around with me, or look for someplace to plug things in. I just do it over the phone. And, I can move money up and down the line when I need to, to pay commissions, pay dues, or withdraw cash. It's as easy as making a phone call to move the money and walking to just about any ATM to pull it out."

Scott is so pleased with his Universal Office that he highly recommends all his leaders and recruits use the Universal Office for their business. "Absolutely I recommend the Universal Office to my team! It gives everyone a professional image, and an open door to prospects...or ANYONE that calls them to get info, leave messages, or find them anywhere any time - IF they choose to be found!" says a grinning Scott.

“And that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” says Scott. “I also use the Virtual Conference Room to bring new members together with veterans. Or to talk to prospects with existing members needing assistance. And I regularly broadcast audio and fax messages to my team. That way, everyone stays in the loop on what we’re doing. "All in all, the Universal Office has proven to me that it’s worth far more than what I pay for it. My business is exploding, and my advertising, and team management couldn't be any easier!" says Scott.



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