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Unify Your Messaging and Achieve Complete Mobility

If you are an independent professional, you know that being constantly on the go makes communications both essential and incredibly difficult.  Whether you are running your own business, or just “out on your own” for a larger company, your independence means that you’re managing your own professional life.  The Universal Office can help you tame that tangle of phone lines, fax machines, pagers, and email, with a single, unified approach.

The Universal Office delivers your messages to you on the move - by phone, e-mail, pager, fax or cell phone. You can log onto any Internet enabled computer and access your messages. Read or listen to your messages from an Internet cafe, hotel, library or airports worldwide.

 Here’s What You Get!

The Executive level Universal Office includes a host of features that will help professionals step into the world of big business telecommunications.  Here are just a few:


People Are Saying…

Adam Smith, Investment Consultant

“I have a regular office, with regular office hours.  But I’m out of the office, visiting clients, as much as I’m at my desk.  The Universal Office keeps me in touch even when I’m out, without my clients having to know several different numbers.  They can call or fax me through just one number, and I don’t have to install expensive equipment that’s out of date the day I put it in.

“Even when I’m out, their calls still come through to me because of the Follow-Me feature.  I can take the call, or ask them to leave a message.  I can even tell them WHY I can’t take the call right then, and still have them leave a message, without them having to call back.

“Complete control, through my phone or the Internet.  That’s what the Universal Office gives me.”

Using it – In Depth:

Bob is an accountant who often works from home. He loves the freedom of being at home with his family, but still needs to project a professional image.  With the Universal Office, he has Genie as his personal and PROFESSIONAL assistant whenever his clients call.

"The last thing I want when I work from home is to give out my home number to EVERYONE.  A client calling me at midnight isn’t how I want to live.  The power of THE UNIVERSAL OFFICE solved that problem for me. I just set up a schedule as to when calls are allowed to get through to me during the day!"

Bob also loves the fact that he doesn't have to have a separate voice mail system and dedicated fax line to accept faxes. All voice mail and faxes are sent to his UNIVERSAL OFFICE where Bob can then retrieve them from the Internet.

"Retrieving my voice mail and faxes from the Internet is so helpful. I simply go to Genie online and click to hear messages, or view faxes. Managing my faxes is a snap. I can print them, store them, forward them, or delete them when needed. All from the internet!" says Bob.

The ability to screen and handle multiple calls at the same time is just another way that the Universal Office helps Bob work from home:

"When my phone rings, I pick it up and hear who the caller is, BEFORE I decide to take the call. At the same time, someone else might be calling my Universal Office to request one of my fax-on-demand document, like my brief on the new tax requirements.

“Meanwhile, another client needs to fax me their quarterly sales summary, and that call also goes to my Universal Office.  Genie handles it all while I’m talking to that first client, and pages to tell me that the new fax and voicemail message have arrived.

“Even while I’m still talking to that first caller, I can swing over to my PC, connect to the Genie Online site and read that fax.  And the instant I’m off that first call, I can listen to the voice message.

“Genie is my electronic secretary handling all my phone calls for me." says Bob, “even if I’m visiting a client’s office (or taking that much needed vacation after tax time).  The Universal Office is open and ready even when I’m not.  And if it’s vitally important, I can still get those messages and faxes anywhere I can find an Internet connection or a phone and a fax.  Hotel lobby or client office makes no difference.  Genie and the Universal Office can handle it.”

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Don’t Chase Calls – Let Them Come To You

All your messages and calls are forwarded to you wherever you may be. You can change the method of message delivery using any touch-tone telephone or by following a few simple steps at the website. You’re in complete control of how your messages are routed. Tell Genie where you would like them delivered, and by which method and she’ll organize it all for you. And even if your computer or mobile phone is switched off, your messages will still get to you when you’re on the move – Genie will store them until you switch on again.

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Your Own Private Toll Free Number

Your Universal Office comes with its own unique Toll-Free number good anywhere in the US or Canada. Even if you’re stuck at a pay phone without any change, or without cell phone reception, you can call your toll-free number and get connected. No dial-around codes or complicated sequences to dial and redial every time you want to make a call. Just make one call to your own Universal Office, enter your password and that’s it. The entire world of Genie unified communications is at your fingertips.

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Outbound Calling as low as 2 cents per minute!

Ever wonder why hotels charge as much as $1.50 per call and as much as $1.00 a minute to make calls from your hotel room when the same call costs so little from an outside phone? Because they can. They know you don’t want to make that important call from a public phone booth – if you can even find one anymore. So, they charge as much as they can get away with. Well, Genie will help you put an end to that. Simply call your Genie toll-free number and make all the calls you want for as low as 2 cents per minute! If you are in a foreign country, use our Universal Office Call-Back. Just make one call to Genie and ask her to call you back. Now your call is an inbound call, you’re talking to Genie, and SHE makes all your outbound calls for a fraction of the cost!

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Two (or more) Local Numbers in Different Cities

The Universal Office comes configured with two numbers in different cities of your choice.  Have a local number wherever your brick-and-mortar office is, and another local number wherever your biggest customer base is –even if it’s on the other side of the country!  Try getting that from the other guys, without feeling like your wallet’s been turned inside out.


Local Presence in Thousands of Communities

Would you like to give your customers a local number to call no matter what city they’re in? With the Universal Office, you can have local numbers in as many cities as you like. Now your customers can call your “Los Angeles branch” while you actually operate out of Chicago. The World is Your office!

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Hold a Conference Call On The Fly

Conference calls are a HUGE profit center for the BIG phone companies and a genuine pain to organize – usually requiring a day or so to set up. No more! With your Universal Office, you have a full time conference room available to you 24 hours a day, wherever you are. Suddenly need to talk with people in six different places to settle that important question? Just give those people your Genie number and tell them when the conference starts. You only need to call in about a minute ahead of the others to open the conference room with your password and you’re off and running – at only 4 cents per minute for each caller up to ten callers!

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Use AudioGrams to Conquer Time Zones

Your Universal Office has a unique feature called the AudioGram, which lets you record a message in your own voice and have Genie deliver it to any number of recipients, at any time you choose. Imagine you’re on the East Coast and it’s 7 AM. Suddenly, you remember an important message you need to get to someone in California. It’s only 4AM there, but you will be in meetings all morning until it’s too late to get the message to them. No problem. Just record an AudioGram and schedule it for delivery when it’s 8:30 in California, and then go to your meetings. Genie will deliver the Audiogram at the right time to the right number. She can even give you a confirmation that the message was delivered AND record their reply!

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Accept credit cards Without A Point of Sale Terminal

You Universal Office has a feature called the Virtual Merchant that let’s you accept credit card payments without the bother and expense of getting a point of sale terminal. Unlike terminals, it works anywhere! You can use the Virtual Merchant to process credit cards for anything from merchandize to professional service fees. And, if you have a fixed inventory, you can even have the Virtual Merchant do the selling for you. Your customers can call your Universal Office and Genie will walk them through the entire purchase process. All you do is fulfill the order and spend the money!

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Access Incidental Cash with the Universal Office ATM Card

Need cab fare on the road? A cup of coffee while you’re out of town and the banks are closed? Just slide your Universal Office ATM card into almost any ATM anywhere in the world and draw out the cash you need.

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Set Up Quickly

The Universal Office delivers your telephone calls, faxes, telephone messages and e-mail messages straight to your location. No more lost messages, and no need to worry about sensitive documents or faxes. With The Universal Office, all communications are private. Your telephone calls and messages come to you, and follow you to your exact location. Faxes need not go to a hotel reception, nor messages be handled by anyone except yourself. There is no need to rely on staff to get your messages to you. The Universal Office can deliver them to any place, anytime according to your instructions.

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Keep It Clear and Simple

Your Universal Office is fast and simple to use. You receive Faxes with digital quality so they will always be clear and easy to read. Your messages are recorded with the highest clarity. You’ll hear the messages clearly, not muddied by tape replay. And losing messages because of a full or broken answering machine will be a thing of the past.

With your Universal Office, there’s no need to carry laptops, pagers, mobile phones, and personal organizers. Instead of dragging around cumbersome communications equipment, have all your messages sent to one location where you can view and respond to them. Your contacts can reach you through one number, first time and every time, instead of chasing you for hours.

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Get Instant Notification

The Universal Office will provide notification to your pager, cell phone or e-mail account to alert you that new messages have arrived and are waiting for your attention. Don’t waste time logging on to find that no messages are waiting, and no more time and expense spent calling back to the office to see if perhaps there are messages waiting there. Genie can notify you for all message types. Even when you are on the move you can still keep in touch. You’ll know instantly when the message arrived and the caller’s number (if available) so you can then decide the urgency of your response.


Don’t want to carry a pager? NO problem. Your Universal Office has a unique feature called TelePaging. When your callers telephone they will be able to page you just as if you had a pager, but your notification will be sent to your cell phone or any of three telephone numbers you choose. If you are out of touch, it’s still NO problem. Genie will record the name and telephone number of whoever is paging you, so you can return their call with the push of a button.


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