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“Nuclear family?” asks Miriam, jokingly. “Sometimes it seems more like we’re a nuclear explosion - we’re all OVER the place! The kids are off at college on opposite sides of the country, Rich seems to be on the road five weeks a month, and I’m out showing properties five or six days a week. I think the dog’s getting ready to take a night job just to have someone to talk to!”

“Our Genie really helps us keep it together, though. With the family plan, we each have our own Genie number, so staying in touch is easy and cheap - and that’s VERY important.

“Samuel and Rebecca have local numbers at school, which helps keep the cost way down. They can get Rich or me with a local call, and they can send voice messages for free. And Rich just uses Genie’s local access numbers wherever he happens to be so he gets the same.

"Of course, the most common message we get from the kids is, 'Mom, I need…' fill in your favorite expense: books, laundry money, pizza money - you name it. They each have their own GenieCard, which makes things a lot easier. Now, when the latest fiscal crisis in higher education comes around for new books and such, we can send them money instantly, without having to pay Western Union or worry about checks getting lost in the mail.

"Rich uses his ATM card on the road all the time. Whether it's unexpected car repairs or just cash for dinner, it really helps knowing that he can get what he needs when he needs it. As a matter of fact, 'Honey. I need…' seems to be Rich's favorite call as well.

“I use my Genie number for all my real estate contacts, too, which really makes things easy. No more putting my office number, my cell phone number and home number on the business card. Now my clients have just the one number to use, no matter what. I pride myself on giving personalize service, but I wasn’t thrilled getting calls at home from a buyer panicking about the closing at 2 in the morning! Union or worry about checks getting lost in the mail.




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