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Our proprietary software and switching technology rests on the foundation of our extraordinary network of data centers all over the United States. Unlike other companies, who have only one data center, we manage our network in multiple data centers strategically located throughout the United States. These locations serve over 3000 cities and communities (75% of the U.S. population) with local service. This seamless coverage allows us to provide services otherwise unthinkable.

The Universal Office platform is accessed through a unique “Universal Telephone Number”. issued to a client individually as a single account.  Additionally, multiple numbers can be issued individually to a group of clients identified within the platform as an organizational account.  Full spectrums of potential markets are being captured, from individual professionals, families and small community groups, to owners of small businesses all the way to corporate and professional organizations with thousands of associates.  In each case, a person’s private and professional life, as well as an organization’s ability to function, becomes operationally integrated into this technology. 

Beyond the comprehensive utility that the Universal Office offers to individual users, certain aspects of the platform are of intense interest to the global business community.  Specifically, the Universal Office’s capacity to interface with an unlimited number of “centralized data bases” within a “unified communications platform” provides unprecedented “Business Solutions” in the arena of both data management and coordinated communications.  These databases are not only those created by individual users for their specific needs, but also larger databases created by companies for the exclusive use of all their associates and clientele worldwide.

With EasyTel’s growing network of switches, this cutting edge technology allows users to access the platform for communication purposes as well as for access to their individual and corporate databases, via local telephone numbers, and on a global basis.  Thus, once fully deployed, a businessman or woman living in Tokyo will be able to have a local presence in Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago, or any of the three thousand markets served by EasyTel.  With a local call, her clients in all those cities will be able to reach her Universal Office with all its digital power and functionality, including finding her in Tokyo or wherever she happens to be.  Associates of multinational business organizations will be able to interact with each other and interface with their corporations on the same unified communications platform. 

The impact this will have on global business is spectacular to contemplate… As Bill Gates asserts, success is an issue of being able to: "combine the ability of individuals to create an institutional intelligence and a unified ability to act".  But to accomplish this, one needs a “Digital Nervous System,” which is exactly what the Universal Office provides and EasyTel is now deploying: A “global unified communication platform”, that is engineered with cutting edge and comprehensive functionality.

In addition to the Universal Office technology, EasyTel has also developed the “Virtual Merchant”.  Integrated within the Universal Office platform, the “Virtual Merchant” gives any client the ability to transform common financial transactions to fully automated, interactive and internet-integrated transactions that take place over the telephone.  Customer orders, subscription accounts and A/R accounts of all types, can now be handled with digital efficiency, by credit card and even electronic funds transfer over the phone. The Virtual Merchant is capable of interfacing with any accounting system and with any other corporate department for purposes of record keeping, market research, order fulfillment, etc.  Even “Third-Party-Verification” and record keeping can be handled with digital accuracy and efficiency and with extraordinary cost savings.

On the level of the individual user, the Virtual Merchant technology is integrated into every Universal Office, giving the average citizen the financial tools of Electronic Banking, previously available only to commercial and financial institutions. With EasyTel, the world is your office.

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