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David travels frequently between New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. As a consultant for clients in many major cities in the United States, David travels more than he stays at home.

"I live out of my suit case, notebook computer, and The Universal Office. Now my clients can get in contact with me no matter where I am." says David.

David can be in his hotel room in Dallas, and have a client in San Francisco attempt to contact him. Where once David would have to tell lots of people what his travel plans were, now his clients donít need to worry where David might be. They have his Universal Telephone Number.

Back in Dallas at David's hotel, the clerk at the lobby gets a call, and knows to forward it to David's room. The clerk isnít psychic (or even all that clever).  But when David arrived, he called his Universal Office and configured it to call that hotelís switchboard number and TELL the clerk what room to forward the call to.

When David picks up the phone, his virtual assistant Genie tells him that he has a call transferred from his Universal Office.  He enters his security code and the call comes through to him.

It just as easy when David needs to make a long distance phone call. David calls a local EasyTel Public Access Number in Dallas, enters his account number and password.  In moments, he has a dial tone through which he can call anywhere in the world at his special rates. He completely bypasses the high long distance charges hotels would put on his room bill.

"I don't just use the Universal Office to locate me, accept voice mail, faxes, and communicate with the rest of my team. I also use my Virtual Conference Room to conduct meetings with my clients just as if they would meet me at the conference room at my home office. Itís even easier as no one has to travel to the meeting,Ē says David.

At other times, the Universal Office pages David to let him know anytime he has received a message or a fax Ė even when he is out of touch.  It doesnít matter if his cell phone wonít receive, or his pager battery died.  Genie will keep notifying him until he knows that a message is waiting.

Let the Universal Office become a vital part of your communications plans.  For any traveler, the Universal Office provides a one-number solution for your callers, and convenience as well as piece of mind for you, the Universal Office traveling subscriber.



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